2019: My Year in 19 Photos

A little late but better late than never! In no particular order, here are my favourite 19 photos of 2019: photos that represent memories of special moments, experiences, and natural beauty. 1. A Trip Back Home (Photo by Davin Palakal) It always astounds me how naturally beautiful the scenery is in Kerala. A trip back to our home state is always hot and humid, but … Continue reading 2019: My Year in 19 Photos

Hiking a Volcano in Bali – Mt Batur

On my last trip to Bali, I missed out on doing the famous volcano trek at sunrise, so I made sure I did it this time. Though the volcano is listed as active, it’s been 20 years since it last erupted. To hike up in near total darkness, guided only by the lights of your torch and others around you, feeling your shoes slip and … Continue reading Hiking a Volcano in Bali – Mt Batur

Nusa Penida – Visit or Skip It?

Nusa Penida is an island off the coast of Bali that’s recently landed on the tourist map. Google the island and you’ll find striking images of turquoise waters too bright to be real, and some really unique rock formations, natural rock pools, and cliffs. Who wouldn’t want to go? Unfortunately, despite its raw beauty, Nusa Penida is far from equipped to handle the exponential growth … Continue reading Nusa Penida – Visit or Skip It?

Bangkok 2.0: A Foodie’s Heaven

I absolutely loved my week in Bangkok a few months ago that it seemed natural to choose the Thai capital for a snappy weekend getaway. With the city’s rich history, stunning skyscrapers, gorgeous sunsets, and the most mouth-watering array of dining options, the 3 day trip flew by before I knew it. Here are a handful of places that I loved (and some general tips)! … Continue reading Bangkok 2.0: A Foodie’s Heaven

Temple Hopping in Bangkok

It’s no secret that Bangkok is famous for its many temples. The temples we saw on our trip were wondrous in their size, architecture, and how well-maintained they were, compared to other historical sites across South East Asia. We visited the Wat Arun, Wat Pho, and The Grand Palace during our stay in the Thai capital. Wat Arun This is the iconic landmark on Bangkok’s … Continue reading Temple Hopping in Bangkok

Chasing Sunsets, Speakeasies & Cocktails in Bangkok

Bangkok, the heart of South East Asia, is a treat for the senses, enjoyable on any budget, and blessed with gorgeous sunsets every day. Watching the sun set overlooking the Chao Praya river was definitely the most memorable moment of our trip. Though we spent the first two days watching the sun go down in the backseat of a Grab, sitting in gridlock traffic, we … Continue reading Chasing Sunsets, Speakeasies & Cocktails in Bangkok

Fineprint @ Tai Hang: The Best Irish Coffee

Fineprint is a relatively new addition to the charming neighborhood of Tai Hang, and boasts some of the best cocktails in town with gorgeous bar bites, in a cozy, rustic interior. The Food We tried a handful of dishes over our visits and quickly concluded that the food is not only a must-try here, but it is also totally value for money. We started with the … Continue reading Fineprint @ Tai Hang: The Best Irish Coffee

Hiking Lantau Peak: Hong Kong’s Second Highest Summit

After completing Sunset Peak, we couldn’t wait to conquer the city’s second highest mountain. Standing at 934 meters, the hike is by no means easy, but it is totally worth it because of the stunning 360-degree views of Lantau. The first 2km are fairly doable, but the remaining sections are extremely steep and include some really high stairs. You’ll ascend quickly and be rewarded with … Continue reading Hiking Lantau Peak: Hong Kong’s Second Highest Summit