Tiger’s Head: Hong Kong’s Most Picturesque Hike

After doing the popular Dragon’s Back hike a few too many times, a friend and I decided to challenge ourselves to the Tiger’s Head hike. Hong Kong has countless trails of varying difficulty that cover the significant mountainous terrain of the city, offering stunning views of both nature and impressive infrastructure. Located on Lantau Island, Tiger’s Head (aka Lo Fu Tao) is one of the … Continue reading Tiger’s Head: Hong Kong’s Most Picturesque Hike

Hong Kong’s Hidden Tropical Paradise – Long Ke Wan Beach

Looking for a slice of tropical paradise, nestled deep in the remote areas of Hong Kong, undisturbed, peaceful and absolutely breathtaking? Then keep reading for everything you need to know about one of the city’s hidden gems. Think blue skies, lush mountains, unique rock formations, pristine white sand, and the clearest waters that are reminiscent of Boracay or the Maldives. This is what awaits those … Continue reading Hong Kong’s Hidden Tropical Paradise – Long Ke Wan Beach

March 2018: Screen Time

A quick round up of the memorable movies, shows and books I enjoyed this month! Movies Annihilation (2018) This film directed by Alex Garland (Ex Machina, Never Let Me Go) and starring Natalie Portman follows a team of scientists on a covert expedition to investigate a strange, extraterrestrial-like shimmer that surrounds a lighthouse. Previous missions had failed – nobody on previous teams had ever returned. … Continue reading March 2018: Screen Time

How to Spend 5 Days in Bali (Guide)

Bali, the island of the gods, is rich in culture, history and scenery. Extremely popular, it’s consistently one of the top destinations in South East Asia. A mere mention of the name evokes thoughts of endless rice fields in every shade of green, stunning cliff-top temples, relaxing beaches, and lots more. A few months ago my friends and I spent a blissful, rejuvenating week on … Continue reading How to Spend 5 Days in Bali (Guide)

Lebanese Cuisine at Maison Libanaise

This 3-storey Lebanese restaurant was where we chose to have lunch one weekend. After walking past several times and taking in the rich fragrances emanating from its front doors, I was excited to finally dine here. Located right off the Mid Levels Escalator, the restaurant is super easy to reach, and guests can order take away on the ground floor, or dine upstairs, indoors or … Continue reading Lebanese Cuisine at Maison Libanaise

January 2018: Screen Time

A quick round up of the memorable movies and shows I watched this month, as well as 2 interesting books I read!  Movies Murder on the Orient Express (2017) Murder on the Orient Express follows Hercule Poirot’s quest to find a murderer on board a luxury train, when the 3-day journey through the Alps comes to a pause because of an avalanche. With an ensemble cast, … Continue reading January 2018: Screen Time

Getting Spoilt at Aqua

A couple of months ago, we treated ourselves to an incredibly memorable experience at the Aqua Roma restaurant, followed by a relaxing harbour cruise on the famous red-sailed Aqua Luna junk. We booked the experience from Spoilt Experiences. The package included a 5-course dinner for two with a complimentary cocktail, followed by a one hour cruise on the Aqua Luna. The Food As expected from … Continue reading Getting Spoilt at Aqua